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Sobota Accordion Orchestra

The Sobota Accordion Orchestra started its activity in November 2003. At that time, on the initiative of Matej Zavec, ten accordionists who had already completed their basic musical education and were interested in participating in a larger accordion ensemble gathered together. Most of them had previously participated in the accordion orchestra of the Murska Sobota High School. After a few months of rehearsals, the orchestra performed for the first time at the concert on the occasion of the “Day of the Accordion”, which is organised every year by the accordion teachers’ group at the Murska Sobota Secondary School. The performance was very successful, which gave the whole ensemble even more will to work. In autumn 2004 the orchestra started regular performances. It played several times in Terme 3000 and elsewhere on various occasions.


Soboški harmonikarski orkester leta 2007

In March 2005, the orchestra began to operate within the framework of the Murska Sobota Accordionists’ Association, which was founded due to the need to register the activities of the sections that had merged within the association. The orchestra’s repertoire consists mainly of musical works of the entertainment genre, and the long-term plan is to include as many original compositions as possible for the orchestra.

Since its foundation, the Sobota Accordion Orchestra has developed into a homogeneous group of musicians who play instruments other than the accordion. The ensemble includes percussion, bass, flutes and clarinets, which contributes to a richer sound and is something of a speciality in Slovenia. The orchestra’s performances are becoming more and more frequent, which motivates the members to work harder. In addition to the regular performances, in 2007 the orchestra took part for the first time in a competition, namely the 32nd International Accordion Competition in Pula, Croatia, where it won the second prize in the competition of accordion orchestras of artistic high schools with 89.41 points.

Soboški harmonikarski orkester na nastopu na Soboških dnevih 2014

The orchestra performs at events in the local area, participates in competitions and orchestra festivals at home and abroad. You can see some of the recordings below.